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We're a small 20-acre vegetable and fruit farm funded entirely by our 凯发电游官网ommunity 凯发电游官网appupported 凯发电游官网griculture program. Participants of the program desire fresh, local, garden quality food during the summer and fall but don't have time or the resources to grow their own.

Weekly deliveries of vegetables and fruits come direct from our farm over the course of 19 weeks to a convenient location near your home. Over the last 28 years we have developed and re-fined our farming methods in order to produce high quality food in a sustainable manner.

Try new vegetables and expand your culinary skills this summer with a subscription from Rare Earth Farm. We welcome the return of past participants as well as brand new members.


Rare Earth Farm

6806 Hwy KW

Belgium, WI 53004
Phone/Fax 262-285-7070

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email: rareearthfarm@frontier.com凯发电游官网

website: www.凯发电游官网app